Moor History

The Greatest Story Never Told

711 A.D. – The Black Moor

T he Black Moor General Tärik ibn Ziyad aka (The Rock Of Gibraltar). (Born 670 A.D.- Died 720 A.D) The name Gibraltar is the Spanish derivation of the Arabic name, “Jabal Tärik”, meaning “Mountain Of Tärik”, which is named after him. General Tärik ibn Ziyad was a black moor commander who led the Umayyad conquest of Spain, And defeated the 200 year old brutal rule of the Visigoth King Roderick of Spain, (711 A.D. – 713bA.D.). The Caliph Al- Walid I , was advised that the Prophet Solomon’s table, was in kept in a citadel outside the Spanish city of Toledo, he ordered the Governor of Tangier Musa Nosseyr, to dispatch their greatest cavalry general, Tärik ibn Ziyad, and his moor cavalry from his tribe of invincible masters of equestrian warfare, astride Arabian stallions, to engage, defeat, then take possession of the Prophet Solomon’s table and deliver the table to Caliph Walid I at his palace in Damascus. General Tärik crossed the Straits of Hercules, later renamed “The Straits of Gibraltar”, on ships provided by Count Julian governor of Septa or Ceuta, located at the tip of northern Spain, landing on the coast of Spain. Moors ruled Spain, Portugal, and Southern France, from 711 A.D. – 1492, over 700 years. The name Gibraltar is the Spanish derivation of the Arabic name “Jabal Tärik”, meaning “Mountain of Tärik”, which is named after him. April 29, 711 A.D., General Tarik ibn Ziyad at the head of his 10,000 strong cavalry, 600 Arab warriors, Sephardic Jews, and Spanish peasants joining as well as supporting the Moors to defeat and expel the Visigoth king Roderick, ending 200 years of their brutal rule in Spain. For over 700 years the Umayyad Dynasty reigned in Spain, leading to the flowering of culture, while the rest of Europe languished in the Dark ages.